Welcome to Urakami Maru, a renowned wreck dive site located in Malakal Anchorage, just 2 miles (3.5 km) away from Koror, Palau. As an expert dive operator, Fish 'n Fins Paul, we invite advanced and experienced wreck divers to explore this magnificent dive site.

The Urakami Maru is a Standard B Japanese cargo ship that was converted to a Salvage & Repair Ship during the war in 1941. The ship was originally damaged by bomb blast to hatch #3 and later severely damaged by salvagers. Today, it sits at a listing angle of 70 degrees and rests on a slope with the stern at 115 feet (35 m) deeper than the bow at 80 feet (24 m).

Divers will be fascinated by the remains of the workshop, smithy, and spares in the holds of the ship. The portside, bow, and starboard parts of the bridge are severely damaged and partially salvaged, while the starboard is practically intact, including the prop.

underwater photo of the bow of a ship wreck in Palau

Despite the poor visibility caused by sedimentary runoff from a nearby quarry, this square profile dive is a must-try experience. It requires careful planning, and divers must monitor their bottom time and air to avoid any risks.

The Urakami Maru is located west of Ice Box point and has no current, making it easier for divers to explore and appreciate the unique features of the wreck. The bottom of the dive site is silt, with no coral formations around the wreck.

Overall, the Urakami Maru is a top-notch wreck dive site for advanced and experienced divers who are looking for a challenging and rewarding underwater adventure. As Fish 'n Fins Paul, we ensure a comprehensive and safe diving experience, allowing you to fully enjoy and appreciate the wonders of this remarkable dive site.