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Shark Week Palau - A Journey Through History and Dedication to Shark Protection and Research

Sharks have always been a topic of fascination and fear for humans, but in recent years, their conservation and protection has become more important than ever. To advocate shark protection and research, Tova Harel Bornovski, Navot Bornovski, and Capt. Kenneth Johnny established the Micronesian Shark Foundation in 2002. The goal was to facilitate the study of sharks in Micronesian waters, particularly in Palau, and to further shark protection in Micronesia and other countries. The Foundation was supported by the Government of Palau and its lead role in conservation management and environmental protection. The main contributor to the Foundation has been Palau's premium dive operator, Fish 'n Fins. They have supported the Foundation by contributing boats, fuel, equipment, staff, and logistic support. Fish 'n Fins is a role model in environmental protection and local community activities. In its dedication to science and shark protection, the Micronesian Shark Foundation teamed up with The National Geographic Society, the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), and Stanford University.

Palau's exceptional conservation efforts, which led to the declaration of Palau as a Shark Sanctuary in 2009, make it an ideal location for collecting data. The ocean is rich with fish and healthy corals, and the data collected not only has relevance for Palau and Micronesia, but also for the whole globe and conservation specialists and scientists worldwide.

Shark in blue water in Palau

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is the gathering and examination of information about the natural world by members of the public, usually in collaboration with qualified scientists. As part of Shark Week, guests are invited to help collect data during five dive days. This data will be processed and shared with the scientific team after Shark Week. The first day of Shark Week Palau is dedicated to introducing guests to the Citizen Science approach.

Dedication to Education

Citizen Science is just one part of the equation. The other part is the distribution of "shark study materials" for children between 11 and 12 years of age. These materials, especially designed by the Micronesian Shark Foundation, are intended to inspire kids to learn more about sharks and educate their families about the importance of shark conservation. The Foundation visits schools in Palau and other parts of Micronesia each year to distribute these materials.

video evening with around 50 participants at SHARK WEEK PALAU

Shark Week Palau - the Event

Shark Week Palau takes place from March 15-22, 2023, at Fish 'n Fins in Malakal, Palau. The event starts with an opening ceremony and the distribution of Shark Week t-shirts. Participants will dive daily at Palau's best shark sites and meet after for seminars and meetings with local and international conservation experts. The event is concluded with a gala dinner, the annual Shark Week video, and presentations.

Shark in blue water in Palau

Is Shark Week Palau for you?

Are you a diving enthusiast who loves the thrill of swimming with sharks? Are you passionate about ocean conservation and want to be part of a community of like-minded individuals? If so, then Shark Week Palau is the event for you!

Shark Week Palau takes place in one of the world's best dive destinations and the first shark sanctuary. This event is a perfect opportunity for divers who want to explore Palau's pristine waters and get up close with a variety of shark species. You'll have the chance to witness the beauty and grace of these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, while also learning about their importance to the ocean's ecosystem.

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Special features of the 2023 event

In 2023, Shark Week Palau participants will be invited to take part in a short video competition with prizes ranging from a GoPro to a PRO camera. The winner of the competition will be crowned at the gala night, where guests will meet local conservationists, enjoy a festive Palauan buffet, and view the Shark Week Palau 2023 video.

Booking Shark Week Palau

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