We would like to introduce Rose & Udo Kefrig, two very good old friends who have been with Fish ’n Fins many times over the years and who have made many stories about Palau, Fish ’n Fins, and our Ocean Hunter Liveaboards. I met them at the Fish ’n Fins/Ocean Hunter booth at Boot 2019 in Germany and I asked them if they would feel like being featured at FNF MAG and here we are.

Rose & Udo Kefrig are known in the diving scene as Team Oceanpics. For over 30 years, the couple has been traveling with the camera from native waters to tropical dream destinations. They have published various books and participated in television productions. In addition to underwater photography, they also shoot unique topside photography, which includes local highlights, people, cultures, and other feature themes.

Udo is a celebrated photographer, his photos have received many international awards. Rose is a writer and photographer, her reports and photos have been published in numerous national and international magazines. Both are permanent freelance editors of diving magazines like Unterwasser, online magazine HEINZ and Scuba Diver UK. Furthermore Rose & Udo are co-authors of various wreck, travel and diving guide books.

Photographic equipment

Udo has been shooting with a Canon 5D MK III in the SEACAM housing since 2016.

Quoting Udo, After all these years using SEACAM equipment I have to say, SEACAM is the Mercedes Benz amongst the underwater housings, it’s the best system there is.

The housings are easy to use, the levers and switches are in the right place and are still very easy to operate even with three-fingered gloves. Camera installation, change of different viewfinders, ports and lenses, everting works perfectly. I believe SEACAM’s creed to using only the best materials and producing premium quality is unmatched.”

As lighting Udo uses two Seaflash 150D from SEACAM. Udo mentioned he is very impressed by the strobes TTL functions - “it works exactly to the point”. The flashes offer all important information for the photographer, as well as flash ready and underexposure display, two-stage pilot light setting, slave flash sensor, and a very good wide-angle coverage. The replacement battery system is masterfully designed to allow the system always to be ready.

Photo Gear

1 SEACAM Housing silver for Canon EOS5D MKIII; 2 SEACAM strobes Seaflash 150Digital and 2 SeaCam Strobe Arms; 2 View Finders, both SEACAM S45 and S180; 1 SD Super Dome; 1 MIP Macro port plus wet diopter system 2,5:1; Canon EOS-5D-MARK-III DSL Camera; Canon EF 16-35 mm 1:2,8L III USM; Canon EF 15 mm f/2.8 Fisheye; Canon EF 100 mm f/2.8L USM Macro

Dive Equipment

Both have been using ScubaPro dive gear since the 1980s. They enjoy ScubaPro’s quality and longevity - some of their gear lasted for over 3,000 dives. Hence no discussion that Rose and Udo love their ScubaPro regulators and BCDs.

The couple was kind enough to send us an assortment of photographs to share - all taken in Palau, one of their absolute favorites - their all-time favorite dive sites are Blue Corner, German Channel, Chandelier Cave and of course Ulong Channel. While taking these amazing photographs Rose and Udo stayed on several occasions at Palau Pacific Resort, Palau Royal Resort and Palasia Hotel. If you wish to get in touch with Rose & Udo Kefrig here are their FIRST WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE - SECOND WEBSITE

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