If you're looking for an authentic cultural experience in Palau, the Experience Airai Tour is a MUST-DO. This eco-friendly tour, launched in 2019 as part of the Alii Pass program by the Palau Visitors Authority, offers travelers the opportunity to explore the rich history and traditions of Airai State while supporting sustainable tourism practices and giving back to the local community. Visit our Blog the FNF MAG and read our article The Palauan Bai - the Men's House.

The tour takes approximately three hours and is led by an expert guide from the Airai village. You'll begin at the Chief's traditional meeting house, Bai ra Rengara Irrai, where you'll learn about the history and significance of this important cultural landmark. From there, you'll visit other historical and cultural structures in the village, including traditional huts and the local school.

But the real highlight of the Experience Airai Tour is the FOOD. Palauan culture is deeply rooted in food, and the tour offers a chance to taste authentic Palauan cuisine. You'll be treated to a traditional style lunch buffet prepared by the women or "mechas" of the village, featuring a variety of local delicacies made from the taro plant. For an additional fee, you can even opt for a special menu that includes fresh local crab or lobster.

Tourist entering a Bai, a traditional Palauan Men's House

Not only is the Experience Airai tour a unique and immersive cultural experience, but it also supports sustainable tourism practices and gives back to the local community. By participating in the tour, you're helping to sustain the livelihoods of locals and preserve Palau's cultural heritage. In addition, the tour exercises a plastic-free directive, using only reusable or biodegradable materials for plates and utensils.

Fish 'n Fins and other dive and tour operators in Palau proudly support the Experience Airai tour and its emphasis on sustainable tourism and community-based tourism. By choosing to participate in this tour, you're not only experiencing the best of Palauan culture and cuisine but also making a positive impact on the local community and environment.

In summary, the Experience Airai tour is a must-do for anyone visiting Palau who wants to experience the local culture and cuisine while supporting sustainable tourism and giving back to the local community. Book your tour today and discover the beauty of Palau beyond its pristine waters.

Colorful inside with traditional painting on rafters of a Bai, a traditional men's house in Palau

Airai Bai Tour

The Experience Airai tour in Palau offers a unique and authentic cultural experience, showcasing traditional landmarks and local cuisine. Led by an expert guide, the tour supports sustainable tourism and community-based initiatives, making a positive impact on the local community and environment. Book your tour today and discover the best of Palauan culture beyond its pristine waters.

Lunch & Dinner Services offer a special menu option which includes either local fresh crab or lobster. This is an additional $5.00. Minimum of 10 pax is required for lunch or dinner tours.

Guided tour - $11.00 • Traditional Style Buffet - $44.00 • Tour + Traditional Style Buffet • $55.00 Tour + Dinner with Traditional Dance Performance • $88.00
MUST HAVE: Camera • Sun Protection if during the day • Mosquito spray at dusk • Minimum 10 pax • Every Thursday

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